Long term report: Royal Enfield Interceptor 650      
Long Term

Long term report: Royal Enfield Interceptor 650     

The Interceptor 650 has been doing some serious off-roading since long, its finally time to use it on tarmac only

Abhishek Wairagade

The long-awaited Xpulse has finally made it into production and I’ve already booked one for myself. It’ll be used mostly for finding unknown trails. It’ll also benefit the Interceptor as I’m not really keen on taking the big and heavy RE to unknown territories. Which means the RE will now be used solely to satiate my Lavasa pangs. It’s a great package already, but I’m looking to slap on some performance parts, including an aftermarket exhaust and a free-flow air filter. Most of my time last month was spent off-road, riding everything from the Xpulse all the way to the R 1250 GS and that has kept me away from the Interceptor. However, living with superbikes really spoils you and makes you feel grounded, especially when you are brought back from the dream to living the reality.

Thankfully, the Interceptor has my back and keeps me happy. The switchgear has started showing abnormalities though, with the pass switch needing repeated taps to work. Other than that, there are no complaints at all. If I could do something about the protruding pegs, then life would be perfect. But wouldn’t that make it boring?

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