Long term report - Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

Long term report - Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

The Interceptor 650 was long due for performance upgrades and Powertronic had sent us a piggybank ECU as well as a quickshifter, just in time

If you’ve been following my long term reports of the Interceptor, you must’ve noticed the mention of performance parts. Finally, the ‘Powertronic’ gods heard my plea and sent us a plug-and-play ECU that promises 50 horses and 55.15Nm torque; an increase of 3bhp and 3Nm over the stock config. Thankfully the preset maps can be chosen using a switch that’s conveniently located on the handlebar, allowing you to choose between two maps. And that’s not all, Powertronic also makes a quickshifter for the Twins and they’ve been kind enough to send it to us to for a test

The fitment requires a lot of tools and isn’t really D-I-Y if you’re not a greasemonkey. Also, it requires calibration after the fitting is done, which isn’t rocket science as such but still requires basic understanding of how fuelling works.

The folks at Powertronic connected us with the authorised dealer in Pune and all it took was a couple of hours for the fitment. It hasn’t been smooth sailing as of yet and there’s some issue with the calibration bit. The INT 650 was initially knocking and eventually dying which called for another trip to the dealership. Things seem to be fine for now with the exception of mild engine misfiring. But other than that, the quickshifter has been working flawlessly. There’s a sense of urgency in the way the INT 650 now moves and she seems more eager than ever. I expect her to be as fast as the 390 Duke but more on that later. VBox tests are in order then. More on how it goes in the next report so keep watching this space.

Total odo: 7569km
KMPL: 19
Time on test: 7 months
Repairs: None
Total costs: 22,000+13,000+1,300

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