Ather Energy has joined hands with Bounce - a Bengaluru-based dock-less scooter sharing programme .
Ather Energy has joined hands with Bounce - a Bengaluru-based dock-less scooter sharing programme .Ather Energy and Bounce announce scooter sharing programme

Ather Energy and Bounce announce scooter sharing program

You can now rent an Ather 450 or lease yours on the Bounce app!

Ather Energy has joined hands with Bounce - a Bengaluru-based dock-less scooter sharing programme which had volunteered for helping frontline workers including the likes of doctors, nurses, delivery partners and civic authorities by providing rental options during the lockdown.

The partnership with Ather would allow the 450 owners to monetise the idle time of he vehicle by listing it out on the Bounce app and allow for a certain income. The P2P programme by Bounce mandates users return the scooters to the owners, instead of putting it back to the dock.

Ather is the first brand to partner with Bounce to make their products available through this program. To opt for this model, consumers need to book the Ather 450 through the Bounce platform and on delivery the commercially registered vehicle is ready to be listed on the Bounce app. Bounce customers will now be able to rent the vehicle for hours or days, as listed by the owner. Consumers will be remunerated by Bounce when their scooter is rented.

Ather has introduced new post-purchase plans (Ather One), customized for the sharing model - including a new service & maintenance plan which will address the wear and tear of multi-rider usage. Although, unlike traditional two-wheelers, with the connected features on the Ather 450 and real time diagnostics, owners can rest easy as their vehicle is safe. They will be able to monitor the health of the vehicle and its usage via the Ather mobile app. These scooters will also be eligible for free fast charging at 38 Ather Grid points, for one year and will be delivered with a portable charger that can be used at any 5A plug point, anywhere in the city.

The pilot program launches in Bengaluru from May 2020. The Ather 450’s purchased via Bounce’s website can be booked for INR 499 and will be delivered on priority basis post the lockdown once deliveries resume.

Talking about the partnership,Tarun Mehta, Co-founder & CEO, Ather Energy said, “We have always offered unique purchase models that have been designed to make ownership hassle-free. This partnership with Bounce allows our owners to decrease their overall cost of ownership and break even on their investment faster. The Ather scooters are designed on a connected and intelligent platform and the transition to a rideshare use has been seamless. The connectivity will increase the confidence of Ather owners and Bounce renters both, to sign up for the program.”

If you’re interested in renting out scooters or putting your own 450 for rent, you can reach out to Bounce on 080-46897485 or alternatively, write to them at One can also call Ather at +91 7676 600 900 or email them at

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