Ather Energy launches the 450X in India

Ather Energy launches the 450X in India

With the 450X, Ather has introduced two new ownership models and will be the first Ather product to be available in 10 cities

A couple of weeks ago, Ather Energy had teased their upcoming 450X scooter, which the company launched today. The e-scooter will be available in two pack options: Plus and Pro. The Plus variant costs Rs 1.49 lakh while the Pro variant costs Rs 1.59 lakh. Interestingly, there is a subscription model available too. While the base price for both the scooters remain the same at Rs 99,000, the monthly subscription for Plus pack is Rs 1,699 while the Pro pack will cost Rs 1,999 per month. The subscription models can be switched at any time through the app and with this model, Ather is offering lifetime warranty with the 450X.

While the Plus variant shares its specs with the 450, the 450X Pro’s battery has gone up to 2.9kW from 450’s 2.7kW and now uses the 21700 cells seen on the current-gen Tesla which has increased the range from 75km to 85km. That’s not it. The motor too has received an overhaul, going up from 5.4kW on the 450 to 6kW. This has resulted in a boost of 6Nm in the torque figure, which now stands at 26Nm. With the new, faster motor, the brand has introduced a new riding mode, called the Warp Mode.

The Ather 450X pro is capable of sprinting from 0-40kmph in 3.29 seconds and can go from 0 to 60kmph in 6.5 seconds. The specifications are superior to both, Bajaj Chetak and the recently launched iQube, having smaller motors and less impressive numbers.

The 450X now also gets auto-cancelling indicators, 4G e-sim with Bluetooth and WiFi along with Android OS instead of Linux. The processor too is claimed to be 30 per cent faster. Interestingly, despite the new tech, Ather has managed to shave off 11kg from the standard 450.

Ather Energy is offering accessories like Bluetooth-connected helmet and tyre pressure monitor. Along with the accessories Ather also announced the second generation fast charging network.

The Ather 450X will be available in 10 cities by the end of this year and the brand will further expand to 24 cities in the next year. Ather has now also acquired a new plant in Hosur with a capacity of 1 lakh scooters. This will allow the brand to grow at a faster rate and will reduce the waiting time involved.

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