That's some social distancing
That's some social distancingIndian traffic

Why motorcycles play an important role during the lockdown?

Riding a motorcycle naturally equates to social distancing. There are many other benefits including better connectivity and less congestion

Recently, our folks from the UK brought us a piece of 'good news'. British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson suggested that people could ride a motorcycle to 'any open space' with no restrictions on the distance. The memo also suggested that people should not ride in groups or with friends but only with their family members. They also should not stay outside 'overnight' so as to avoid contact with fellow human beings. The pandemic has clearly taken a toll on everyone and everything, but we cannot stop living. We just have to find viable solutions to this 'post COVID-19' era. And this is exactly where the benefits of motorcycling come into the picture; more so in a country like ours where connectivity is sparse and population density is extremely high.

Social distancing

Motorcycles are naturally great at social distancing. You can stay away from the crowds, park up on the roadside at your own will and even avoid keeping your bag on the seat instead of dropping it on a probable contaminated surface. Even in heavy traffic, you can maintain a safe distance. Plus, the helmet will save you from the virus anyway. And so will your riding gloves. Do we need to say more?


In a country like India, where road network is not in the best shape possible, especially in the remote parts of the country, a motorcycle is your best friend. There's a reason why Honda has been consistently managed to sell over 31,000 vehicles since the lockdown began. Ever wonder how the Swiggy and Dunzo guys bring your doorstep deliveries?

Public transport

Avoiding public transport is the best gift you can give it to yourself and your family during the lockdown. Local buses and trains are prone to contamination as they're frequented by crowds. Plus, there's shortage of drivers. Of course, connectivity again is at a minimal as the government is trying to minimise crowding. Who's your best friend then? A Hero Splendor!

Which one would you choose?
Which one would you choose?Horse cart in indian traffic

Traffic and congestion

Motorcycles take less space as compared to a four-wheeler or even a bus which not only leads to less congestion on the roads but also leads to more parking space. If the government wants less crowding then what could be a better solution than motorcycles? And did I even mention lesser fuel costs?

The UK government has not been taking motorcyclists seriously and that’s why the country’s leading motorcycle groups have written to the government, suggesting how important it is to promote riding. You’re not only avoiding public transport but adhering to social distancing laws to a certain extent, naturally. If the Indian government implements the same and also brings in additional benefits for both manufacturers and buyers, I don't see why motorcycles wouldn't be able to make the world a better place.

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