Tork Motors sets up first EV fast charging station
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Tork Motors sets up first EV fast charging station

Pune based EV startup Tork Motors has started setting up infrastructure before the launch of their new electric motorcycle

Karan Singh

Tork Motors is an EV startup that has made multiple prototypes for road and track use. Their earlier bike, the TX04 was an electric conversion of an existing ICE bike but they plan to launch a new motorcycle built from the ground up to be an EV.

The company has installed their first EV fast charging station in Pune, at Cafe Peter’s Bund Garden Road outlet. The installation of this station comes ahead of the launch of their electric motorcycle, the T6X.

The installation of the new charger is the first of many to come in the future and is in line with the Government’s initiative to move towards electric mobility. The smart EV chargers come with fast charging capability as well as a seamless payment process. The chargers are made to meet standardized Bharat EV specifications and will have the capability of providing up to 100V battery capacity.

Tork Motors plans to create a comprehensive network of charging stations that enable an easy EV ownership experience, at least in the cities that Tork plans to operate in.

Kapil Shelke, Founder and CEO of Tork Motors said, “With the launch of our first EV charging station, we seek to drive the adoption of e-vehicles and especially electric motorcycles in India. We are excited to unveil the first public fast-charging station in our home city of Pune and consider it to be a step towards creating an easy to discover and accessible Tork Charging Network, reflecting our company’s vision. This move is also in line with our growth plans of offering a holistic and hassle-free experience to the consumer.”

Tork Motors plans to launch their first mass market electric bike, called the T6X, later this year. The bike claims to be performance oriented, designed to cruise at 100kmph and will see a host of segment first features as well.

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