Firefox Pirate 4.0

Firefox Pirate 4.0

Firefox Bikes

Firefox Bikes launches its Gravel range of bicycles in India

The Gravel range includes the Pirate 3.0 and Pirate 4.0 adventure bicycle models

Established in 2004, Firefox Bikes is part of the Hero Cycles group. It offers an array of different bicycles for different consumers. Mountain bikes, city bikes, road bikes, women's and kids' bikes, and also electric bicycles. Their newest launch is the 'Gravel' range which has been introduced to cater the adventure bicycle segment. The Gravel range has two primary models — the Pirate 3.0 and Pirate 4.0 and it is priced from Rs 37,900 onwards. These bikes are available in different body colours and graphics and they can be purchased through the dealer network as well as the brand’s website.

The Pirate 3.0 and Pirate 4.0 feature disc brakes, wider clearance and grip, and outfront steering geometry. One can choose between comfortable straight handlebars or drop handlebars, which make them more comfortable to ride on harsh terrains. The outfront steering geometry has been tuned to keep riders comfortable and in control even on the steep descents. The wider gravel tyres provide better traction and more stability while riding on gravel or dirt roads. Moreover, they feature wide low profile knob treads which reduce rolling resistance. That provides improved providing braking control and grip in all conditions combined.

Commenting on the new range, Sriram Sundresan, CEO, Firefox Bikes said, ‘We are thrilled to bring these bikes to market. With the launch of Gravel bikes, we are aiming to further consolidate our leadership in the premium biking segment. From mountains to the tarmac, these bikes are for the days when you're in the mood to explore beyond the conventional. With our new range, we are sure to expand our family of customers.”

Firefox Bikes' Gravel range can be booked through their website online, or at any of their official dealers near you.

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