BMW 1250 GS A #WallpaperWednesday

BMW 1250 GS A #WallpaperWednesday

We pick one of the best pics from our past issues. This week’s one is from our ADV comparison between the BMW 1250 GS A and F 850 GS A

"I wasn’t really impressed with the F 850 GS when I test rode it a couple of months ago. The F 750 GS impressed me with its impeccable road mannerisms but the 850 felt like a compromise between road and off-road. The F 850 GS Adventure fills that void and tilts the scale towards the off-road side of things; exactly where it always should have been."

"The 850 is always eager when it comes to the handling. Ours came with an electronic suspension but I fondly remember how I unintentionally got my knee down on the F 750 GS a couple of months ago. Such is the handling of the F bikes that you’ll barely miss the Multistrada 950. And same applies to its off-road performance too. I’d stick my neck out and say that it’s better than the Tiger 800 at off-roading, barring the lack of lowdown grunt."

"Thankfully, the GS Adventure has been bestowed with enough goodies to bag the title. It gets proper dual-sport, laced rims at both ends with a 21in-17in setup. The suspension travel is even more than the 1250 at 230mm/215mm (front/rear). The rake is a lazy 28deg but again, the purpose here is off-road stability over agility. The seat height is a massive 875mm and the Adventure also gets engine protection in terms of additional metal body panels."

"Unlike the flat-twin, the 850’s parallel-twin is not as tractable. It comes alive post 4,500rpm after which the 850 simply goes wild."

"The F 850 GS, is the best mix between an adventure tourer and a dual sport in the middleweight class. The Adventure variant especially takes the game a step forward in the right direction."

BMW 1250 GS A #WallpaperWednesday
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