The Cardo Packtalk Edge can be had for Rs 33,999
The Cardo Packtalk Edge can be had for Rs 33,999Cardo Systems

Big Bad Bikes is the new distributor for Cardo Systems in India

Under the new distributorship, Cardo Systems has launched five new models

Cardo Systems has been in the business of making wireless communication systems for two-wheeler riders across the world since 2004, and it has now entered the Indian market. Big Bad Bikes has announced it will be the official distributor for Cardo products in India, and has officially launched five products, the most affordable being the Cardo Spirit priced at Rs 9299.

These communication systems are waterproof, which means you don’t have to worry about damage from the rains, especially with the ongoing monsoons in our country. These five models on sale vary in terms of the network range, speakers, battery capacity, and other software / hardware aspects. Starting with the Cardo Spirit, which gets 32mm HD speakers, a range of 400m, OTA updates, universal connectivity, music streaming, a USB type-C port, and automatic volume adjustment among others.

The Cardo Spirit HD adds 13 hours of battery capacity, along with 40mm HD speakers, 600m range, a built-in FM radio and three unique sound profiles. The Cardo Freecom 2x gets 800m of network range, and JBL-sourced 40mm speakers, while the Freecom 4x adds 1200m of range, voice commands, and connectivity for upto four riders. Lastly, the Packtalk Edge gets a magnetic air mount, and enables connectivity for 15 riders upto a range of 1.6km.

Jonathan Yanai, VP Global Sales, Cardo Systems, said “We are happy to welcome Big Bad Bikes to our global distribution network. They have fantastic experience distributing premium brands and extensive knowledge of the local market. I look forward to working with them and developing a successful partnership”.

We are testing the Cardo Spirit HD and the Packtalk Edge — follow our social media handles and stay tuned for more such updates.

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