The Simple One is a sharp-looking scooter
The Simple One electric scooter has the highest claimed range amongst any other EV in the two-wheeler segment
The Ather 450X gets a bigger battery and more ride comfort
Mandar Savant
7 min read
Ather has given the 450X Gen 3 a much needed update to make it more attractive
Ather Energy introduces a buyback plan for 450X customers
Harshit Srinivas
2 min read
Customers of the Ather 450X now get an assurance of a buyback price of Rs 85,000 at the end of three years
The Series1 is has the potential to become a collector's edition model among Ather enthusiasts
Sudipto Chaudhury
2 min read
Ather Energy has built the limited edition scooter exclusively for their community
Ather 450X: First Ride Review
Team Fast Bikes
3 min read
The 450X gets a number of incremental updates over the 450. Does it make it vastly better? We find out
Ather Energy launches the 450X in India
Manaal Mahatme
2 min read
With the 450X, Ather has introduced two new ownership models and will be the first Ather product to be available in 10 cities
Ather Energy teases 450X electric scooter
Manaal Mahatme
1 min read
The 450X will flaunt major updates and will be the first Ather product to be available across multiple cities
The new factory in Hosur is over 1 lakh square-feet in size!
Karan Singh
4 min read
Ather Energy is expanding fast and part of its expansion plan is a ‘mega-factory’ in Hosur, to meet growing demand
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