Ridden: Aprilia SR 125

Ridden: Aprilia SR 125

Words: Chinmay Chaudhary

Photography: Rohit G Mane

It’s some kind of wave that has transmogrified in the 125cc scooter segment over the past one year that has led into the sudden furtherance of the segment itself. With all the manufacturers strengthening their base in the 125cc scooter market, how could a brand with the racing pedigree of Aprilia hold itself back? And with the much-loved SR platform at their disposal, it was but natural that they too dipped their toes into the segment. Lo and behold the SR 125.

What’s new?

Unambiguously as the christening goes, the SR125 is powered by a 124.7cc engine that belts out 9.52bhp and 9.9Nm. On paper, the new engine is just 0.5bhp and 1Nm less on power and torque respectively compared to the SR150. It is the same motor that is used on the Vespa 125 (albeit it makes lesser performance numbers), but is tuned to offer a peppier throttle response. Power delivery is very linear and the scooter pulls effortlessly without losing breath right from standstill, almost reaching triple digits on the speedo. Aprilia has also claimed 8kmpl hike in the fuel efficiency figure compared to its elder sibling.

Another important change is that the SR125 gets a longer and wider seat with comparatively softer cushioning (which has been addressed due to constant feedback from the existing customer) compared to its elder sibling which should make for a relatively comfortable city riding experience.

Aesthetically, the SR125 looks identical to it’s elder sibling though it gets minor changes in the graphics. The scooter is offered in two colour options – Silver and Blue. The scooter is offered with a new single piece grab rail over the split unit on the SR 150.

How does it ride?

The SR125 shares all the mechanical components with the SR150 right from the tyres to the handlebars. That means it provides the same riding dynamics and handling characteristics as the 150. Thankfully, the riding dynamics are not altered and the sporty stiff suspension setup is retained. And while we, as well as the young-blood, find no qualms with it, it may turn out to be troublesome for those who seek for an easier ride for their daily commute.


The Aprilia SR125 offers superb handling characteristics, punchy engine along with more kilometers per litre and addition of a comfortable seat. But at Rs 65,626 (ex-showroom, Mumbai), it is one of the premium offerings of the segment. Also detrimental to its cause is the slender price gap between itself and the SR 150 as one could just pay four grand extra for the SR 150. If you are seeking for the same exhilarating dynamics that the SR 150 packs but in a more economical package, the SR 125 is no brainer. This pricing could very well also turn out to be its Achilles heel with prospective customers opting to shell out the extra moolah.

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