Suzuki Gixxer SF: A rear disc makes the best 150 even better!

Suzuki Gixxer SF: A rear disc makes the best 150 even better!

What is it?

It is one of India’s finest 150cc motorcycles. And it just got better with the addition of a 240mm rear disc.

The only change is the 240mm rear disc brake.


This one isn’t even old wine in a new bottle. It’s old wine in an old bottle, only the cork is new. In fact, barring that rear disc there is nothing new. But don’t fret. The previous Gixxer was great as it is, and why fix something that isn’t broken in the first place?

 Air scoops on either side of the headlamps add a sporty touch to the face.

What else?

With its good looks, comfortable ride, sorted ergonomics and smooth powertrain, the Gixxer SF is easily the motorcycle to beat in the 150cc segment.

Fat and stubby dual port exhaust looks meaty

Fun to ride?

You bet. From day one, the Gixxer SF’s flex-free chassis and balanced suspension set up ensured that the bike was blessed with superb dynamics. You can flick it whichever way you like and the bike will hold its line through the tightest of turns with a confidence that is pleasantly surprising. What’s more, if you’re the sort that likes the occasional hooliganism, the Gixxer SF will now happily oblige each time you want to slide the rear, courtesy improved stoppers. Smiles are guaranteed, if not, a few grins too.

We wish it was. Don’t get us wrong, the bike’s air-cooled 155cc single with two valves and an SOHC, has a peak output of 14.3bhp and 14Nm of torque. Frankly, for a bike in this segment, the Gixxer’s power is at par with the competition. But then can you think of anyone who isn’t power hungry? No, with this bike at least, it’s hard to stop dreaming about a more powerful 200cc version.

All digital instrumentation is an encyclopedia of info and easy to read on the go.


With Suzuki’s SEP technology at work, it should be good for around 40kmpl. A full tank takes in 12 litres, so the bike should do an easy 480 odd kilometres between pumps.


The bike you see is yours for Rs 98,703 (ex-Delhi). That makes it a shade dearer than the Honda CB Hornet 160R, its only genuine rival, sans the fairing. So, on the value front, the Gixxer then is par for the course.

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