TVS Radeon: Long term report

TVS Radeon: Long term report

My first long-termer was the Aprilia SR 150 and boy, did I love it! Racy, good looking and nimble, it really was a joy to ride. Except… it’s a thirsty little bugger. The fact that it can only take in 6.5 litres doesn’t help. The result? Too many trips to the petrol pump. Not anymore though. Because now I’ve been given the keys to a shiny new TVS Radeon.

And perfect timing too. With increasing petrol prices, a more fuel efficient vehicle was what I had been praying for. Sure, it isn’t as racy as the SR but a real-world fuel economy of around 55kmpl (TVS claims 69.3) and 10 litres in the well-shaped tank is compensation enough.

For the first time during my stay in Pune, I was happily pottering around on the Radeon without frequent visits to the pump. The TVS Radeon is primarily a city commuter although it felt equally at home when one fine weekend; I went off for a ride to Pavana lake with Abhishek. A round trip of roughly 170km from where I stay in Pune. On the highway, I touched 95kmph on a number of occasions and the engine never felt strained. Which is saying something for a commuter.

The bike has the largest seat in the segment, which is also well padded. That kept me comfortable for the entire journey and I didn’t end up with an achy butt. I also found the ‘Synchronised Braking Technology’ a huge plus point and it worked really well when I had to panic brake on a few occasions.

And of course, that fuel economy. Nearly 193km, including that 170km joyride, in just 3.44 litres of liquid gold. And that after an ample amount of spirited riding, as much as one can do on a commuter. Effectively a real-world efficiency of 56.10kmpl. My pocket and I are still smiling.

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