Tried out: Forma Adventure

Tried out: Forma Adventure

I wear size 11 shoes, so it’s very difficult for me to source boots in India. Especially adventure riding boots. I have been looking for one for ages with no luck. Thankfully, Performance Racing had the Forma Adventure boots in stock and I couldn’t have asked for a better option. Especially when you consider that these are priced way less than similar boots from TCX.

Tried out: Forma Adventure
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Well, ADVs are a rage. And if you own an ADV, you must be well aware of the atrocities the bike is put through. But we rarely consider what our riding boots go through! Water wading, slush slinging, gravel sliding; the boot has to survive it all. And the challenge is to keep you comfortable at all times, unlike racing boots. The Formas score full points when it comes to waterproofing. A lot of boots in the market today are water resistant but only a handful are water proof. Having tested it for over 4000km, I can assure you that the Formas are properly water resistant. They also come with CE Level 2 protection. Forma claims the GH buckles are unbreakable and they do feel really solid. My only grouse is the soft sole which makes it difficult to stand on the pegs while riding. Forma also has Terra Evos on offer for riders who prefer standing, so give those a try. Also, the sole is extremely thick which keeps from the sensation of feeling the shifter.

At Rs 16,000, nothing offers as much value though. And don’t forget, you also get a 12-month warranty. A complete win-win situation then!

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