Evotech performance accessories for the KTM 390 Duke
Evotech performance accessories for the KTM 390 DukeEvotech performance

Essential mods for KTM 790 & 390 Dukes, courtesy Evotech Performance

Evotech Performance has all the modifications you’ll need for your KTM 200, 250, 390 and even 790 Duke to stand out from the crowd without getting on the wrong side of the law.

The KTM Dukes have, since their initial appearance in the Indian market, provided the kind of power to weight and more importantly power to rupee ratio unmatched by any other manufacturer. This has got many aftermarket parts makers to bring in their wares as well, among them being Evotech Performance, based in the UK. But before you start going nuts with your currency-conversion formulae and the risks involved in international shipping, be rest assured of no foul play; our man Abhishek Wairagade ordered parts for his Ducati Scrambler from this exact site, and got them at about 60 per cent the price quoted by India-based sources. So there!

Well then, let’s start off with all the parts you'll realistically need for your 250/390 (post 2017 model) Dukes, starting with the:

1. Tail Tidy

KTM engineers have gone to great lengths to ensure the mass-centralised design of their bikes, all of which is undone by that protruding tail. Hence Evotech has designed a lightweight, black powder-coated, tail tidy made of aircraft-grade aluminium that uses the bike’s existing mounting points, and encompasses all attachments (indicators, numberplate holder and illuminator) in one compact package.

Price - £124.99 (or Rs 11,582, excluding taxes)

2. Radiator guard

A big part of keeping high-compression engines like that of the Duke running is keeping them cool. Hence any damage to the radiator can have massive repercussions. Evotech Performance’s radiator guard stop just that. Its CNC-machined, aircraft quality aluminium material provides maximum protection from road debris, while the hexagonal mesh pattern optimises airflow.

Price - £57.49 (or Rs 5,400, excluding taxes)

3. Crash bobbins

Evotech’s KTM crash bobbins are made from high performance engineering polymer that will protect your motorcycle’s fairing in the event of a spill. The mounts are CNC machined from aircraft quality aluminium and colour anodised - if it’s good enough for jet planes, it’s good enough for KTM riders!

Price - £115 (or Rs 10,700, excluding taxes)

4. Mirror extensions

Evotech Performance mirror extension brackets are easy to fit and give you an extra 50mm width adjustment, plus 50mm extra height. Secured in position using stainless steel bolts, they also come with extra stainless spacers to clear the switch gear. Simply mount the new extension between your stock mirror and the original mounting post, and you’re good to go!

Price - £46.99 (or Rs 4,380, excluding taxes)

5. Front spindle bobbins

Evotech Nylon bobbins are CNC machined for precise fit and complement the Duke’s aesthetics as well as protect the left and right front fork lowers and reduce risk of wheel damage in case of a crash. The bobbins mount securely with the supplied fasteners, and the machined aluminium spacer mount ensures the fork lower doesn’t get scratched.

Price - £29.99 (or Rs 2,800, excluding taxes)

6. Paddock stand bobbins

Paddock stands are gradually becoming a must-have motorcycle maintenance accessory , making these CNC Machined, high quality nylon paddock stand bobbins with sturdy aluminium internals an equally important accessory.

Price - £25.99 (or Rs 2,430, excluding taxes)

Now, with its BS6 iteration, the KTM 200 joins the 250 and the 390 in terms of chassis/body. So what, pray, does that have to do with us, other than making bike-spotting that much more challenging? Well, for starters it diversifies the scope for modifications, as all of the modes mentioned above also fit the 200 Duke as well!

However, for those of you who own the 2013-2019 model 200 (or 390) Duke, there are quite a few mods available for you too.

1. Tail tidy

This injection moulded tail tidy unit for the KTM that incorporates all the originals lights as well as the number plate holder made of lightweight aircraft grade aluminium and finished in tough satin black powder coat.

Price - £104.99 (or Rs 9,800, excluding taxes)

2. Clear taillight

Clear tailight
Clear tailightEvotech Performance

KTM 200 clear rear light has 13 red led brake lights, and can fit the standard tail unit.

Price - £41.99 (or Rs 3900, excluding taxes)

3. Radiator guard

The KTM Duke radiator protector guards boast remarkable strength to weight ratio, typically weighing 220gm.

Price - £ 52.49 (or Rs 4950, excluding taxes)

4. Crash bobbins

Designed to protect your bike in case of a fall, these CNC machined crash bobbins are made from high performance engineering polymer with anodised aircraft quality aluminium internals.

Price - £69.88 (or Rs 6,500, excluding taxes)

After taking care of all the other Dukes, we now move on to the biggest Duke on the prowl on Indian streets, the 790. The ‘Scalpel’, as it is called, also benefits from a list of accessories from Evotech Performance. Below are a few you should consider:

1. Tail tidy

CNC machined from lightweight aircraft grade aluminium, this tail tidy includes a new rear light (which can be had in both clear and red colours), has been designed to fit the KTM 790’s existing mountings without the need for any further modifications.

Price - £145 (or Rs 13,550, excluding taxes)

2. Radiator guard

As with all the others seen here, this one fits right onto the existing radiator, is sturdy enough to protect from damage and does not unduly block airflow.

Price - £83.99 (or Rs 7,800, excluding taxes)

3. Front/ rear spindle bobbins

Crafted from injection-moulded matt black nylon, the spindle bobbins offer discreet yet strong protection, aiming to keep the impact away from the forks/swingarm and brake callipers.

Price - £35.99 (or Rs 3,360, excluding taxes) for individual front/rear.

4.Crash bobbins

These crash bobbins are made from high performance engineering polymer to protect your motorcycle’s fairing in the event of a spill.

Price - £ 184.99 (or Rs 17,300, excluding taxes)

5. Clutch and brake lever protector

The brake and clutch lever protectors are CNC machined from aircraft grade billet aluminium and stainless steel, and are held in place using our unique machined cartridge expansion system.They fit readily onto the existing handlebar, with no other modifications required.

Price - £150 (or Rs 14,000, excluding taxes).

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