Long term review: Suzuki Burgman Street 125

Long term review: Suzuki Burgman Street 125

My long termer for last month was the TVS Radeon, a humble 110cc commuter. Thanks to its excellent fuel economy, I had been avoiding petrol pumps in the city. A real life saver when the month end is around the corner and you are short of crisp new notes. This month, I had switched to the Suzuki Burgman Street 125, the maxi-scooter from Suzuki, after Suvrat had told about its attention grabbing abilities on the streets in his last report.

While the Radeon offers excellent fuel efficiency and is good for city commutes, the Burgman Street is a very comfortable scooter and with its stylish design you do tend to stand out in traffic. It also tips into corners with confidence. After all, underneath all that style and oomph, what the Burgman Street really is, is the very capable and sweet Access 125.

Also see how the Suzuki Burgman 125 fares against the TVS NTorq here.

Which also means that this Suzuki scoot is as practical as its cousin. While Suvrat has already told you all about that very spacious underseat compartment, it also offers lots of space on the foot board. So I’ve been giving my shoulders a break and carrying my backpack on the foot board. The fact that the seat is also plush and comfy is a bonus for sure over Pune’s ever-worsening roads.

Life with the Burgman Street 125 should have been perfect, but it isn’t. The scooter we have has the decidedly nasty habit of spluttering when you give the throttle a good twist. And she refuses to get beyond 60kmph. We suspect a clogged carb from poor quality fuel. So you can look forward to two things. First, the scooter is going to head to the service centre, sooner than later. And then, we’ll henceforth be fuelling from a different petrol station once it’s back.

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