Long Term: Yamaha FZ25

Long Term: Yamaha FZ25

How good a commuter is the Yamaha FZ25

Oh for heaven’s sake! The month of March has just finished and the heat is painful. The morning dash from home to office takes me close to half an hour, on a good day (may extend to an hour if traffic persists). Every single minute of it is spent wishing for some shade or at the very least, green traffic signals. But this scorching heat just causes unwanted heart boil. Luckily, I have the Yamaha FZ25 for company in such times. Being commuter friendly, the Yamaha FZ25 has been a delight to putter around in the city. In the saddle, the feeling is quite relaxing and welcoming. I quite enjoy this balanced riding stance as it is never too tiring to ride, even if I have to travel to areas which are quite distant from one another. And when I do take the R3, my younger brother uses the Yamaha FZ25 instead of his daily rider to complete the household chores. Abhishek wants to spec his Yamaha FZ25 with a larger sprocket to improve acceleration. Well, I have no intentions of doing so as I have the R3 for weekend blasts. Flitting between the R3 and this FZ25, I am literally spoilt for choice, thanks to Yamaha.

“In the saddle, the feeling is quite relaxing and welcoming.”

Quality matters

I recently came back from the Yamaha YZF-R15 v3.0 ride in Chennai and I could not understand why there was a drop in the quality department. The R3 has stuck to tradition by providing top notch plastics and the Yamaha FZ25 did not deviate from it. The R15 v3.0 though is another matter. Yamaha themselves have set such high standards and such pettiness when it comes to deliver a product at a price just kills what is great about the Yamaha brand. I hope this does not persist.

Sorting the issue

The motorcycle was recently recalled for a small oil seal issue and as you are reading this, the problem should have been fixed. I must say Yamaha has dealt with recall matters in a very dignified manner. Judging by what I experienced previously with the R3, the time taken to fix the glitch should be negligible. I should be able to get back to you on this in the next report.

Price when new:                      Rs 1.19 lakh
Km clocked this month:        143km
Fuel Efficiency:                       35kmpl
Repairs:                                    NA
Cost Incurred:                         Nil
Running total:                         Rs 301

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