Hero XPulse 200: Long Term Report

Hero XPulse 200: Long Term Report

After the Pune-Goa sprint, it was time to explore XPulse's capabilities

With service done, the XPulse was all set for new adventures… except I hadn’t planned any. But that wouldn’t keep me away from her. I knew her touring capabilities but hadn’t tested her commuting prowess yet. Fortunately, I got a chance to take her to Mumbai, perfect to check her commuting capabilities.

The highway run from Pune to Mumbai was quite predictable, but what floored me was the bike’s usability in the city. I could easily cut through Mumbai’s rush hour traffic and also managed to get excellent fuel efficiency. This time I also fiddled around with the XPulse’s eco wizardry and to see if I could milk out more miles from the bike.

Though the highway sprints had me hungry for more grunt from the motor, the bike is perfect for everyday use. Also, in the city, the poor headlight throw didn’t bug me much. Wonder what a set of Baja headlights would do to the bike.

Now that I have explored the off-roading, touring and commuting prowess of the bike, I found it to be a good all-rounder. So much so that I’ve even convinced a friend to get one.

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