Benelli 302R: Long Term Review

Benelli 302R: Long Term Review

The Benelli 302R is the latest addition to the Fast Bikes India long term fleet

Though getting a new bike is always fun, the pedantic ritual of running her in isn’t. We got the Benelli 302R with about 300km on the odo, which meant I had to patiently keep the revs low, something not usually done on a Benelli.

Sadly, because of the running-in period, I haven’t been able to hear her sing beyond the 5,000 rev mark. And in traffic, she is a head-turner. Not because of her looks of course, but because of that ‘big bike’ exhaust note. While the regular janta has been drooling over the bike, enlightened folks have been questioning my choice (not that I had any). But she isn’t all that bad.

She isn’t as committed as my KTM RC 200 and thus cutting through the chock-o-block traffic has not been an issue so far. Even touring seems like a feasible option, thanks to its comfortable rider’s triangle. But the one serious issue I have been facing is with the bike’s heat management. All the hot air from the engine is perfectly aimed at your feet. And after a point, the heat gets through your riding boots too!

At the moment, I’m just one-weekend ride away from getting her serviced and by the time you are reading this, I might already be on my way to Goa.

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