XDi Stealth short cuff gloves review

XDi Stealth short cuff gloves review

We used, abused and reviewed the Stealth short cuff gloves from XDI

Manaal Mahatme

I have been on a lookout for short cuff gloves for my everyday use. The ‘Probiker’ kinda gloves are not my thing and my Icon Patrol gloves are not meant for this sweltering heat. With summer closing in, the gloves had to have good ventilation and I don’t find mesh gloves to be reliable either. So I was looking out for perforated leather gloves.

My colleague Sudipto bought a pair of the XDI Stealth short-cuff gloves and after trying them out, I knew these were the ones I needed. The upper mesh construction allows decent ventilation and the goatskin palm is great for protection and soft enough for everyday use. With my tidy budget, I wasn’t expecting even an ounce of scaphoid protection but these gloves do have foam-based palm sliders. Need more? Thankfully, the gloves are even touchscreen-friendly, so I don’t have to take off my gloves every time I need to use my phone.

Though the gloves are not waterproof, weirdly, they do have a visor wiper on both the index fingers. Lovely touch! My only grouse with the gloves is the stitching. The gloves are stitched from the inside which sometimes digs into the nails and gets irritating.

After about two months, the touchscreen-friendly panels started to tear off, and to my horror, there was no leather panel underneath the thin fabric, which made me regret my decision of buying these gloves.

Though initially, I was in love with these gloves, the quality of the touchscreen-friendly panels have me question the everyday usability and more importantly, the credibility of the gloves.

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