Triumph Navigator riding jacket

Triumph Navigator riding jacket

Sirish Chandran

We had a Triumph Tiger to ourselves a couple of months back and to go with it we’ve got the Navigator riding kit. This is the first two-piece touring kit I’ve used and it’s the works with a removable quilted lining to keep you warm up in the Himalayas. Except it is the blazing summer down in Pune and the lining is safely stowed away.

This is quite the heavy-duty jacket with armour in all the key areas – shoulders, elbow, back – and that makes it quite bulky. But once you get it on the jacket feels quite comfortable and doesn’t restrict you in any way giving full movement. The only problem I’ve faced is since I use race gloves, the cuff neither fits inside the sleeve nor does the sleeve tuck inside it.

The jacket looks like overkill for the summer but there are enough vents (all openable) to let air through and cool you when riding. In fact, there are two big vents running the length of the back allowing air to pass through, and the beauty of such well-built jackets is that it doesn’t let the hot air hit your body directly and thus keeps you cooler than if you were to ride without a jacket. Friends who have used this jacket also tell me it works very well in heavy rains keeping the rider warm and dry. The front pockets are waterproof for the phone and wallet while there is a neat pocket at the back for an extra pair of gloves. I like the design, it’s not too flashy and has this go-anywhere, no-nonsense look to it that’s well suited to the nature of the Tiger.

Rs. 24,164 (Jacket)

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