Motorcycle Gear: Shoei RF 1200 Recounter helmet

Motorcycle Gear: Shoei RF 1200 Recounter helmet

Replacing the extremely popular RF-1100, this new Shoei RF-1200 helmet improves on its high-end sport touring formula by dropping weight, size and wind noise, improving aerodynamic stability and ventilation while also adopting radical new looks.

What’s new?

This lid has been designed using wind tunnels to reduce drag by five per cent and lift by one per cent while riding at a speed of 100kmph. This reduces the strain on the rider’s neck at high speeds. The helmet also get a Pinlock shield as standard equipment to prevent fogging up in cold conditions. It gets vents, spoiler, soft touch interior pads for comfort and an emergency quick release system (EQRS). Shoei’s typical quality remains evident in the removable, washable, hypoallergenic lining. The lower half comprises a softer fabric, with a heavily perforated, tougher-wearing material.

Comfort is key

The most noticeable change in ventilation over the RF-1100 is the repositioning of the rear vents into the spoiler. A single open/close switch now operates them, making them far easier to use, particularly on the move. The helmet also has a detachable ear pad that prevents wind noise.

Head turner?

While it was never as flashy as its more race-focused X12 big brother, its more streamlined design cut wind noise and made it a more comfortable option in the real world. That’s not to say it didn’t also excel on the track, where its excellent ventilation, vision and aerodynamic stability worked just as well as they did on the road. Shoei claims the RF-1200 is the lightest Snell certified lid they have ever made. Shoei also claims a reduction in the external size of the RF-1200, making it more aerodynamic.

Price – Rs50,042

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