Adventure Essentials – Leatt STX Road Neck Brace

Adventure Essentials – Leatt STX Road Neck Brace

The Leatt STX neck brace is an easy to wear, maintenance-free neck brace that’s designed to fit over your riding gear and it’s nearly unnoticeable to the rider. Once the Leatt STX is adjusted (wearing it is a snap — literally) it’s as unobtrusive as a reflective stripe in your normal street riding routine.

The brace is specially designed with a cutout over the collarbone and a “crumple zone” in the rear, along with padding in the top and bottom to help absorb the energy transferred during the impact. Suited for adventure and street riders, its alternative load path tech helps transmit energy to the body, bypassing the neck, reducing forces on the neck during a crash. Helmet impacts otherwise transmitted from the helmet to skull and then to the neck are re-directed from the helmet to the brace to other body structures in a safe way”, according to Leatt.

The twin scapula wings on the back can be adjusted for most body shapes, and height adjusters on the shoulders can fit different riders’ lengths. It also has integrated padding that makes movement for over-the-shoulder views more comfortable. It weighs only 790g, and with bigger sizes, the weight only increases marginally.

Besides the safety features built into it, the STX Brace has a few comfort-related features as well. The slot-like cutout in the front of the brace provides access the jacket zipper at neck level. The scapula braces in the rear are also located far enough apart to account for leather one-piece suit speed humps and back armor.

Price – Rs 33,999
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