Geared up: Winter Special

Geared up: Winter Special

With the cold wind blowing, we have curated a list of special gears that will keep you comfortable and protected for your next rides.

Khardung La Jacket

As the name suggests, this motorcycle jacket is for you if you plan to ride to Khardung La and Royal Enfield says it can also be used for all weather conditions. It is practical with numerous storage pockets – it has a total of nine water-resistant pockets. The outer shell is abrasion resistant high-density 600D polyester (D stands for Denier, which says the thickness of the fabric. The higher the number, the thicker the fabric) and the jacket gets impact zones at shoulders and arms and an EVA foam back protector. it also sports a three-layer construction – outer shell, rain liner and winter liner. The rain and winter liners are detachable.

Price: Rs.14000

The jacket is available at Royal Enfield’s official website.

Ignyte Rider Pro Jacket

The ‘Ignyte’ brand is from Steelbird, the same blokes who also make helmets for the masses. What you are looking at here is a three-layered touring jacket suitable for all weather conditions, says the company.  The outer shell is 100 percent polyester fabric, waterproof and breathable. Steelbird says that these jackets are designed in Italy and they do look stylish.

Price: Rs.13,359

This jacket can be purchased from Steelbird’s official site.

Ignyte Gloves

You don’t want to freeze your knuckles while heading out for your usual weekend ride this month. Say hello to the Ignyte Gloves, which provide extra safety for your knuckles. While these gloves look like they weigh a ton, they are actually lightweight. These reflective gloves are breathable, waterproof and the inside layer is made of polyfil layer for that soft touch. The gloves are made of polyamide with PVC leather for better grip and durability. Considering that they cost just over a grand, we reckon that it is a good value for money product.

Price: Rs.1,199

The gloves are available here.

Biking Brotherhood Riding Pants

Featuring a 600D textile construction with a removable thermal liner and an external waterproof pants, these pants can surely battle the elements. CE certified protectors for hips and knees with rubber padding on thighs add extra protection. With reflective piping for visibility and a connection zip to attach to your jacket along with accordion panels with waist adjustments, make these pants a great addition to your riding gears without making a deep hole in your pocket.

Price: Rs.7,000.

You can purchase it from the company’s official website.

Mountainwaves Headgear Clay Red

With the jackets, thermal liners and gloves sorted for your winter ride, neck protection, which many seem to neglect, is also important when it comes to riding in cold winds. Mountain waves headgear from Royal Enfield is the ideal sort of gear for the same. It is made up of 100 percent stretchable polyester microfabric and can be used for all conditions and protects from dust, sun, and cold. The material does not absorb moisture and you can wear the buff in 12 different ways as per the conditions, says Royal Enfield. There are lots of color and design themes to choose from.

Prices: Rs. 500

This headgear is available at Royal Enfield’s official website.

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