Geared up - Cortech Accelerator Armour Jacket

Geared up - Cortech Accelerator Armour Jacket

With the cold not yet here, it’s the time to go mudplugging, and this jacket will ensure you’re free to tumble around! 

The last thing you need on a trail ride is a sweaty jacket sticking to your body and impeding movement. This full body armor (back protector, shoulder cups, elbow cups, forearm protector, chest made of high impact injection-moulded plastic and high-density wear-resistant nylon) from Cortech can be worn under a jersey, and has adjustable arm and shoulder straps, with integrated half-mitts that keep the sleeves in place. The wide elastic waist belt with hook and loop adjustment ensures a custom fit and the moveable liner made of stretchable lycra, soft sponge and mesh fabric can be washed easily.

Available on - Price - Rs 12,155

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