Arai Chaser V Giugliano Helmet

Arai Chaser V Giugliano Helmet

I got myself an off-road style helmet when we did get the Triumph Tiger but I’ve now become so used to my ARAI that I just cannot trade down, even if wearing a race-replica lid on a touring bike looks a bit silly. That oft-used phrase, fits like a glove, it perfectly describes the ARAI’s fit. I used it for the three-day California Superbike School training at a sweltering MMRT track in Chennai and have come to love the lid even more. It has got excellent specification but more than anything else it makes you feel safe; it gives you that sense of security. There’s excellent ventilation so that once on the move there’s enough air flowing through the lid. I don’t like riding with earplugs on and I think the lid is silent enough even when going flat out down the back straight.

It’s always a pain to wear spectacles inside a helmet but my Oakley’s find good purchase inside the helmet and angle slightly upwards so that I don’t have to twist my neck up when crouched under the fairing to look up. That’s a big boon. The visor too is of a very high quality, it’s over a year since I’ve been using the dark visor and there still aren’t any scratches on it. The ARAI is an expensive lid, way more than the Navigator riding kit, but once you get used to it there’s no way you can settle for anything else.

Rs. 51,500

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