Test Ride Review: Psynyde Oxygen

Test Ride Review: Psynyde Oxygen

Oxygen is most basic element that any living organism requires to exist. No guesses then that Psynyde bicycles would name their hybrid bike after the element. But much like Oxygen’s ability to bond and co-exist with other elements to make life a more sustainable affair, the bicycle Oxygen too is more than your ordinary hybrid bike.
To start off with, Psynyde has yet again tapped into its expertise of riding varied bikes from across the world and built what they felt would be the ideal configuration for a hybrid bike in India. There are hints and traces of say a mountain bike or a road bike but hey, that’s what a hybrid bicycle is. And so you may find yourself bending forward to reach the wide flat handlebars. Your bottom is located quite close to the rear wheel but by just shifting your weight ahead, you are making for a very balanced ride.

Psynyde has developed and designed the frame from scratch as well as the front fork. While the frame continues to be made from 6061 aluminium alloy, the front fork is made from 4130 chromoly steel. Chromoly was used instead of aluminium so as to give it a more supple ride. Steel’s natural properties allow it to be better in those regards. Other components such as the rims, bars, seat posts and the bar stays are made in house. Even the hollow crank set is made by them, as it allows them to keep the bike’s weight down.

The drive train is yet again the same as the Furan we rode last month. It comes from Shimano and it is from the Acera series. The 24-speed configuration works out pretty well and one can hardly complain for more as this baby is meant to take on the urban jungle and not the trails. The Oxygen gets these skinny little Kenda Khan tyres, the tread pattern of which suggest it is slightly off road capable but its main focus will be to keep the rider in control on tarmac.

The first thing that you notice, once you start pedalling, is that how well the bike is balanced. The bike feels light and racy at times given its slightly sharp headstock angle. The seat is a bit narrow for my oversized butt but the foam is quite soft.

Remember I said this is more than just an ordinary hybrid bike? Well, Psynyde has also devised luggage racks to be mounted on the front as well as rear and made provisions to hold three water bottles. Why? Well they say that it can double up as a touring bike as well. While I would hardly use this medium to tour, Psynyde’s Vinay Menon showed me pictures of a rider who used his Oxygen to tour the entire length and breadth of Norway. Wow!

The Oxygen retails at Rs 31,000 and that is a bit premium. Given the components offered and the build quality of the product, the buyer should have no qualms. Vinay tells me that the first lot of the bikes sold within a couple of weeks of its launch. With a new lot coming soon, I would not be surprised if they too go out of stock immediately.

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