Yamaha updates its scooter lineup for 2019

Yamaha updates its scooter lineup for 2019

Manaal Mahatme

With combined braking systems becoming mandatory for sub-125 class from April this year, companies are updating their models. India Yamaha Motor too, have updated their scooter line-up by adding the combined braking system along with a maintenance-free battery.

The updated scooters include the Cygnus Ray ZR, Cygnus Ray ZR Street Rally, Cygnus Alpha and the Yamaha Fascino. Along with the updated braking system and updated battery, the Fascino also gets a new colour scheme.

On the occasion, Mr. Motofumi Shitara, chairman, Yamaha Motor India group of companies said, “Within five years of introducing Yamaha’s scooters in India, the company has been able to lay the foundations in the market with its uniqueness of mobility products that are also stylish and exciting. The company will further build on this momentum by categorically planning more excitement for scooter customers that revs in Yamaha’s unique style and sportiness. The new line up including Fascino will reserve and expand the brand’s overall unique character of offering exciting mobility solutions.”

Here are the prices of the updated scooters.

Yamaha scooter product name

(now with UBS and maintenance free battery)

Price (Rs.) Ex-showroom Delhi
Fascino 55,193
Cygnus Ray ZR Street Rally 58,698
Cygnus Ray ZR Disc brake 56,698
Cygnus Ray ZR Disc brake DARKNIGHT 57,698
Cygnus Ray ZR Drum brake 54,051
Cygnus Alpha Disc brake 55,730
Cygnus Alpha Drum brake 52,272
Cygnus Ray Z 51,417

Yamaha has also updated the YZF-R15 Version 3.0, the FZ range and Fazer 25 with ABS which is mandatory for two-wheelers above 125cc.

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