The current Suzuki GSX1300R has been unchanged since '13
The current Suzuki GSX1300R has been unchanged since '13Suzuki Global

Will we see an updated Suzuki Hayabusa in 2021?

There’s been talk of Suzuki releasing a new Hayabusa for years – and rumours from Japan suggest it's close to becoming a reality!

We hear unfounded rumours about a new Suzuki Hayabusa every few months, but the latest chatter seems to carry a bit more clout than usual. The big news, however, is the changes aren’t expected to as radical as everyone had first predicted.

Sources in Japan say while development is still definitely underway for a brand new Hayabusa, with a fresh chassis and revamped engine – bumped up to 1440cc – chances are we’ll see a revised version of the existing GSX1300R first.

From what we’ve heard, the new ‘Busa will follow a similar pattern to Suzuki’s recently updated Katana and V-Strom 1050, both of which have been tweaked to meet Euro 5 emissions regulations. That means it’ll probably employ a good range of existing parts, and add some new styling and electronics. We’re told the chassis will remain much the same, albeit with the addition of new front and rear suspension.

Rumours also suggest that it’ll get the SIRS (Suzuki Intelligent Ride System) seen on the V-Strom 1050. That means the Hayabusa will finally get some much-needed tech, such as an ride-by-wire, IMU-controlled traction control, cornering ABS, hill control and cruise control.

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