Ultraviolette F77 in Shadow colourway
Ultraviolette F77 in Shadow colourwayUltraviolette Automotive

Ultraviolette F77 launched, prices start at Rs 3.8 lakh

With a 10.3kWh battery the Ultraviolette F77 has the largest battery capacity of any electric two-wheeler in the country

After what feels like an extremely long time, Ultraviolette has finally taken the wraps off of the F77, its first electric motorcycle. Showcased to the media back in 2019, the Ultraviolette F77 has undergone a lot of changes since then the most noteworthy one being the switch to a single fixed battery unit, over the three removable battery design. The motorcycle has finally been launched with prices starting from Rs 3.8 lakh for the base variant going all the way up to Rs 5.55 lakh for the top-spec limited edition variant.

Ultraviolette F77 design

The production ready iteration of the Ultraviolette F77 remains extremely close to the concept version that we got to see a couple of years back. The company claims that the overall design of the bike has been inspired from fighter jets and upon taking a closer look at the bike that is extremely apparent with sharp cuts, creases and aero bits sprinkled all across the bike. The bike will be available in three colour options — Shadow which is a dark slate colour, Airstrike, which is a lighter grey and finally Laser which is a red colour. The limited edition bike comes with a bespoke livery which includes a lot of yellow elements. At the front, the F77 sports a triangular headlamp unit that looks rather futuristic. Behind that sits a wide, tall clip-on handlebar that nestles the colour TFT display. The tank is where the charger port is situated and the lines are chiselled and flow cleanly till the tail section of the bike. The rear end also looks sharp with a two-pronged LED tail light. The bike gets nice looking wheels, unlike anything on the market right now. You also get a bunch of accessories including crash protection, wheel caps, panniers to store the fast charger and more.

Ultraviolette F77 in Airstrike colourway
Ultraviolette F77 in Airstrike colourwayUltraviolette Automotive

Ultraviolette F77 battery and performance

The Ultraviolette F77 is available in three variants and the primary differentiator between these variants is the battery and motor setup. The base variant which is called the F77 ‘Original’ gets a 7.1kWh battery pack and that is good for 207km of claimed IDC range. Propelling this variant is a 27kW (36.2bhp) motor that puts our 85Nm of torque and can take the bike from 0-60 in 3.4 seconds, 0-100 in 8.3 seconds and on to a top speed of 140kmph. The F77 ‘Recon’ which is essentially the top-end variant after the Limited Edition sells out is powered by a 10.3kWh battery which bestows it with a 307km claimed IDC range and powering it is a 29kW (38.8bhp) battery that makes 95Nm of torque and can do the run from 0-60kmph in 3.1 seconds, 0-100kmph in 8 seconds and onwards to a top speed of 147kmph. The Limited Edition F77 gets the full 30.2kW (40.2bhp) and 100Nm of torque. This takes the 0-60kmph run down to 2.9 seconds the 0-100kmph run to 7.8seconds and pushes the top-speed to 152kmph. Battery and range figures are the same as the Recon variant.

Charging comes via a standard charger that is capable of charging at a rate of 35km per hour while the ‘Boost’ (fast) charger can top up the battery at 75km per hour.

Ultraviolette F77 in Laser colourway
Ultraviolette F77 in Laser colourwayUltraviolette Automotive

Ultraviolette F77 chassis

The Ultraviolette F77 is underpinned by a steel-trellis frame which hangs off of 41mm USD forks upfront and a monoshock at the rear. The rear monoshock is preload adjustable across variants while the Recon and limited edition variants get preload adjustability on the USDs as well. Braking comes courtesy of a radially mounted Bybre calliper biting onto a 320mm disc at the front and a 230mm that is held by a single piston calliper at the rear. The wheelbase is a short 1340mm to ensure sharp handling. To make the riders triangle sporty but comfortable for daily use, the handlebar is a tall wide clip-on setup and the seat height is an accessible 800mm. Ground clearance is 160mm so it shouldn’t be too hard to navigate our pothole and speed breaker ridden roads. Weight for the smaller battery pack equipped ‘original variant stands at 197kg, while the extra kWhs on the Recon and the limited edition translate to an extra 10kg, tipping the scales at 207kg.

Ultraviolette F77 limited edition
Ultraviolette F77 limited editionUltraviolette Automotive

Ultraviolette F77 prices and availability

Prices for the base Ultraviolette F77 start at Rs 3.5 lakh ex-showroom. The higher-spec Recon variant will set you back Rs 4.55 lakh, while the limited edition variant with the extra power, more standard accessories and the Boost charger being built into the ex-showroom cost, will set you back Rs 5.55 lakh ex-showroom. In terms of availability, the F77 will first be available in Bangalore in the first quarter of 2023. The second quarter will see the bike being launched in Chennai, Mumbai, Pune and Cochin. In the third quarter the F77 will make its way to Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Lucknow while cities like Gurgaon, Jaipur, Kolkata, Guwahati, Ludhiana will get their hands on the F77 only in the last quarter of 2023. Ultraviolette also has plans of launching this bike internationally in places like North America, Europe and so on. We will be riding the bike shortly, so stay tuned for our first ride review. In the meantime you can check out our walkaround video on the YouTube channel.

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