Total Oil introduces ‘Hi-Perf’ engine oils for motorcycles

Total Oil introduces ‘Hi-Perf’ engine oils for motorcycles

Total Oil today launched it’s range of lubricants, ‘HI-PERF’ 4T synthetic oils, for the two wheeler segment in India. The new range of lubricants include the 20W40, 10W30, 10W40 and the 10W50 expanding its existing product portfolio. The range of lubricants help to protect the engine and give a smooth ride given our harsh riding conditions.

Total Oil is setting it’s sights on the scooter as well as the motorcycle segments, seeing the growth of this segment in the Indian market. The 10W30 oil is for the scooters and the rest of the range are for motorcycles. The top end 10W50 is aimed at the performance motorcyle segment. They have also worked with various motorcycle communities to test their products and give their feedback.

Total is the fourth largest energy industry in the world and has an R&D centre located  in Mumbai that caters to the Asian market. They are also in a 50:50 joint venture with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited for operations.

Speaking at the launch event, the senior vice president of sales and marketing at Total Oil India, Karoly Repas said, ” We have witnessed a trend recently that customers who previously owned a car are also buying two-wheelers to escape traffic and commute short distances. Total ‘Hi-Perf’, our newest range of high performing motorcycle engine oil is fully equipped to provide a joyful riding experience by shielding the engine from daily wear and tear thereby increasing engine life and amplifying fuel efficiency and keeping the engine clean.”

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