Suzuki launches do not get #CaughtWithoutHelmet campaign to promote helmet awareness

Suzuki launches do not get #CaughtWithoutHelmet campaign to promote helmet awareness

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A funny video has been aired by Suzuki India to spread awareness about wearing a helmet while riding a two-wheeler. All of us are aware of the advantages of wearing a helmet and also the disadvantages of not wearing one, still most of the riders turn away from the choice of putting on one. The campaign targets such audience who do not wear a helmet and encourages the sightseers to invigorate the behavioural changes in riders who are riding without a helmet, by clicking their pictures and uploading them on Facebook with the hashtag #CaughtWithoutHelmet. The video clearly aims to infamous such people so they start wearing a helmet for their own good.

Speaking about the #CaughtWithoutHelmet campaign, Mr. Sajeev Rajasekhran, EVP, Sales and Marketing, SMIPL said, “Approximately, one in every five fatal two-wheeler accidents are caused due to the rider not wearing an appropriate helmet. Studies also show that wearing the helmet improves the chances of survival by up to 42%! Yet, when we conversed with our young-customers, we realised that while they were aware that helmets enhance safety, they were also casual about wearing it at all times. Through #CaughtWithoutHelmet campaign, we want to encourage a behavioural change where helmet is seen as the most-important riding accessory. Since the youth today is very conscious of their social-media imagery, the #CaughtWithoutHelmet campaign leverages digital media to call-out offenders who do not follow the basics of riding a two-wheeler.”

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