Steelbird launches new range of helmets

Steelbird launches new range of helmets

Steelbird Helmets has refresh their helmet line-up by the all-new ‘SBA-6’ range of helmets for men and women. The helmets are called as ‘Ela’ and ‘Fuze’ and are priced at Rs 1,289 and Rs 1,239. The main highlight of the helmets is the maximum number of air vents for ventilation, says the company.

India has been an every growing hub for motorcyclists and for commuters as well, where the awareness for safety has been duly anticipated by both the categories and even the government. A lot of manufacturers have been actively pouring in time and money to make it better as well. That is why one can see a lot of helmet manufacturers from different countries introducing their entry-level helmets in India.

You can check out the new range of helmets on their official website here.

Following is the full text of the press release sent by Steelbird:

 ‘Asia’s largest Helmet manufacturer, Steelbird Hi-Tech India limited launches “SBA-6”for the not so ordinary! The biggest USP of this model is that it has the maximum number of air vents for air ventilation; for inflow and outflow of air.

“The helmet has been designed in Italy with the best designer (XTECH DESIGN) working on its design. It will be available in two variants; one variant is for Men which is called FUZE and one second variant for women which is called ELA.

The differentiating factor for the women version of the model is the color of the interior, it has been designed keeping ladies in mind and the kind of pattern that would be liked by ladies. Also the exterior colors and decals are girly.

Furthermore, this helmet model meets both the ISI standard and the European standards. With is special air ventilation technology and looks SBA-6 model like our other models is sure to be a success. “says Mr. Shailendra Jain, Global Group Head – Sales & Marketing, Steelbird Helmets.

The new helmet model has extraordinary feature highlights. The interiors incorporate advance air-ventilation system to keep comfortable during the long rides and in scorching heat. The EPS is in two parts with air channels for the ventilation. The air ventilation system is designed in a manner which allows proper airflow and circulation hence making the ride comfortable regardless of the weather.

It also features replaceable interiors which are designed keeping the comfort of the rider in mind, also the interior has a fine finish. Furthermore, the interiors are of different colors for men and women version.

SBA-6 is sure to spoil the buyers with choice options as it is available in non-painted three colors which are Red, white and Black. It is available in both Glossy and Matt colors. Furthermore, it is available in exciting and vibrant decals.

This helmet is available in 6 sizes XXXS, XXS, XS, Small, Medium and Large available at all Steelbird outlets and on

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