Steelbird Hi-GN Helmet

Steelbird Hi-GN Helmet

Words: Shubham Choukse

Indians make innovative bikers. The vast majority of them seem to be allergic to helmets and come up with the oddest of excuses to not wear one. The single largest reason given however has to be hygiene, which pretty much covers everything from sweating in the helmet to dandruff in the liners and (this is the worst) itching. The fact that most helmets with removable liners that can be cleaned come at a cost hasn’t helped the enforcer’s case. Sensing a gap between desire and availability, Steelbird has introduced a new range of helmets christened Hi-GN and pronounced ‘hygiene’. Priced between Rs 1,329 and Rs 1,739, these lids won’t have you breaking into a bank’s vault either.

A spherical front merges into an angular rear to create an attractive profile that you won’t mind placing on your own head. Meanwhile, ample cushioning from the removable and washable inner liners ensure that the helmet fits snugly over the head. Strategically placed air vents on the chin and above the forehead ensures a draft of fresh air at all times. Steelbird has also slapped on a layer of anti-bacterial, anti-odour and anti-allergic coating on the inside of the helmet to prevent hygiene related issues.

We have been using a unit for the past couple of weeks and are quite happy with its performance in the city. However please do remember that this is an ISI certified helmet that is good for city use. If you want to indulge in long distance touring at a decent clip or have desires to visit the race track then you’re probably reading the wrong review. Otherwise, it’s quite a value for money product.

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