Steelbird set to bring American helmet brand Blauer HT to India next year

Steelbird set to bring American helmet brand Blauer HT to India next year

Here’s an exciting news for bikers in the country. Steelbird has tied up with Boston-based garment manufacturer which supplies gear for the police and armed forces in USA. Steelbird will be manufacturing and supplying the Blauer HT helmets in the country. The helmets’ outer shells will sport high-end fibre-glass material and will be available in a wide range of colours. They are expected to weigh around 1kg depending on the size and type while the prices are set to vary from Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000, according to Steelbird. More importantly, all helmets will adhere to the ECE safety norms. The company also mentioned that the Blauer safety gear manufactured in India will be up for worldwide distribution as well. The American brand is mainly engaged in the manufacturing and sale of law and enforcement equipment and clothing apparel in the western markets. With the entrance of another big player in the safety gear department in our country, it is a big boost on safety to all two wheeler riders given the number of idiots who ride/drive with no road sense. Blauer HT helmets will be sold in India from early next year.

Here’s the full text of the press release from Steelbird-

 Asia’s largest Helmet manufacturer, Steelbird Hi-Tech India limited, adding another feather to its glory enters into an exclusive tie-up with the leading helmet brand in America and Europe, Blauer HT.  Through the exclusive tie-up, Steelbird will be manufacturing and supplying the Blauer HT helmets.

The brand Blauer HT is owned by Blauer World Fashion Srl and is exclusively licensed to FGF Industry Srl engaged in the business of manufacturing and marketing of Helmets, Clothing Apparels, Sneakers and accessories thereof in Italy and exporting the same to in Europe and America.

Commenting on this exclusive tie-up Mr Rajeev Kapur, Managing Director Steelbird Group said “This is a proud moment for us. Blauer HT Helmets is the new range of helmets managed by FGF Industry Srl and distributed through a selection of the best-specialized shops in the motorcycle and fashion sector. The simplicity of the lines, the refined and particular colours, and the exclusivity of the colour combinations make these helmets a point of reference for the new rider. With the exclusive tie-up, Steelbird will be manufacturing and supply Blauer HT Helmets to FGF Industry Srl  for Worldwide distribution except for India.”

Steelbird will soon unveil the new range of helmets in different colours and combinations. The new range will combine safety, technicality and innovation with the latest style treatment. The company has planned the retail launch for early next year.

“For the Blauer HT helmets, all the R&D and Designing will be done in Italy. The product will initially be launched in International Market in Oct / Nov 2018 and will be made available for Indian Market in early 2019. With our tie up and the launch of the Blauer HT range in India, our motive is to cover complete business pyramid that is mass customer to premium customer. The pricing of this range will be between Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 50,000/- .” added Mr Rajeev Kapur.

Also commenting on the tie-up Mr Vincenzo Fusco, President, Blauer World Fashion Srl said “We are proud of our association with Steelbird. They will be handling the manufacturing and supply of Blauer HT.  As for the Indian market, the Indian Biker’s can now look forward to world-class product range of Blauer HT in India through our exclusive tie-up with Steelbird for distribution in India”.

Furthermore, Steelbird also plans to import and distribute the Clothing Apparels, Sneakers and Accessories from Blauer HT for the Indian Market. Blauer has a history of 82 years and has been the leading brand in America in the supply of technical garments to all police forces and selected sectors of the army, US Navy officers, or special bodies to protect the White House in Washington.

Giving an insight into the import and distribution of clothing apparels, sneakers and accessories from Blauer HT Mr Rajeev Said “This is another chapter we plan to add apart from our helmet stories. We are equally excited on this front as well. There is a lot of demand for these categories and through our association, we will be able to offer the product of European standard and expanding the option horizon for the customers.”

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