The new Hayabusa could very well look like this. Or not. Hold your breath till February 5, please!
The new Hayabusa could very well look like this. Or not. Hold your breath till February 5, please!Hayabusa_taiwan (Instagram)

Could this be the new Suzuki Hayabusa?

The Internet has been aflame for years about conspiracy theories around the new Suzuki Hayabusa, and the newest 'leaked' image only adds more fuel to the fire

That the Suzuki GSX-1300R, or Hayabusa, is a cult bike would be an understatement. No other bike needs as little an introduction (or as small a nickname) as the ’Busa. In fact, even the reviews of the 2004 movie ‘Dhoom’ declared the bike, and not the rider, as the real cynosure of all eyes. Massive praise, by the way, for a bike built for the singular purpose of going fast; where functionality was given precedence, with styling occupying not even the bottom line. The first-gen Hayabusa’s bulbous appearance was addressed somewhat in the second-gen (2008) model which also got a bump in displacement (and power), with ABS and riding modes added in 2013. Subsequently, however, there was absolutely nothing new, with emissions causing Suzuki to stop worldwide production in 2018 end (though it continued being on sale in India till mid 2020).

All the while, however, the enthusiasts just couldn’t leave the ’net, putting up one ‘leaked’ image after another of poorly made CGI renditions around the purported Hayabusa concept showcased at the 2015 EICMA. So when the Suzuki finally released a teaser video of the 2021 ’Busa set for unveil on February 5, the ENTIRE internet lost its mind!

The hazy, 25-second video showed very little except for a fleeting shot of the new Hayabusa roaring by, coupled with glimpses of its semi-digital instrument cluster. And yet, just three days short of the unveil, the rumour mill has churned out yet another allegedly leaked image of the new ’Busa.

What do we see?

Starting from the front, we get the impression of a slightly sharper-edged front, considering the windscreen and headlight don’t seem to have lost their heft. The aerodynamic indicator surrounds now look sharper, while the air channels along the sides of the fairings are larger, and expose more of the engine. The frame, too, looks identical to its predecessor, as does the hump over the rear seat. The taillight, though, seems wider, with integrated indicators.

The biggest visual change, however is the massive exhaust end can, less a stylistic choice and more a necessity with regards to emissions. And, though it looks suitably aerodynamic, it isn’t even too far removed from the MASSIVE end can seen on the most recent iteration of the GSX-1000R.

Overall, though, the Hayabusa looks just a tad more athletic, and considering we haven’t the slightest clue of its mechanical underpinnings (Capacity? Turbocharged? Supercharged?). Considering the compettion, though, we expect it will boast an assortment of the latest rider aids as well as a host of customisation options.

So here we are, already leaping with excitement. February 5 can’t get here quickly enough!

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