The Himalayan Odyssey returns after a three year gap
The Himalayan Odyssey returns after a three year gapRoyal Enfield

Royal Enfield brings back Himalayan Odyssey for 18th edition

The Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey is back, and this time, the goal is to reach the highest motorable pass in the world at Umling La

Royal Enfield has some of the most varied and unique experiences attached to its brand, and one of the most aspirational is the Himalayan Odyssey, an opportunity for Royal Enfield owners to take their bikes on adventures across the country. Sadly, the Himalayan Odyssey was halted after its 2019 edition due to the pandemic, but after three years Royal Enfield has brought the event back, and raised the stakes! The 18th edition of the Himalayan Odyssey will go all the way to Umling La, the highest motorable pass in the world. Talk about high stakes!

The ride will see much challengin and undulating terrain for the participants
The ride will see much challengin and undulating terrain for the participantsRoyal Enfield

The 2022 Himalayan Odyssey will take place from July 2 to July 18, 2022, covering 2,700 kilometres in 18 days. Registrations have already opened, and Royal Enfield will accept more than 70 participants for its adventure. The trip will consist of two groups, both of which will travel through Leh and reach Umling La at 19,024 feet, but through different routes. The trip starts from Delhi and ends at Chandigarh. On the way, riders will be able to visit many prominent natural sights and tourist spots, including Spiti, Jispa and Keylong.

The support vehicle
The support vehicleRoyal Enfield

In keeping with their sustainable goals, Royal Enfield are continuing the theme of reducing plastic waste through the #LeaveEveryPlaceBetter campaign that reduces reliance on single-use plastics. One of the ways that this is done is by placing water purifiers along the route at strategic locations, as well as carrying portable water purifiers for the riders, so that they don’t have to use single-use plastic water bottles. This is an admirable effort from a major company, since the ride travels through areas of pristine natural beauty.

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