Okinawa Autotech launches its #iStand campaign

Okinawa Autotech launches its #iStand campaign

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Okinawa has started a campaign to educate the young population in the country about the advantages of using e-scooters for their daily commutes. The #iStand initiative allowed participants to spread messages on social media platforms related to environment sustainability and the role of EVs for a cleaner and greener future. In the process, the participants also got a chance to test-ride Okinawa’s latest e-scooter, Praise and to meet with the team behind its e-scooters.

Speaking about their latest initiative and the role of EVs in it, Jeetendar Sharma, managing director and founder of Okinawa AutoTech said, “Brand Okinawa has always stood for saving the environment and this event is a milestone in promoting the idea of a pollution free India through the proliferation of e-vehicles. The idea to showcase ‘Praise’ in the event and provide free test rides was aimed at busting the myth that EVs cannot generate same power and performance as a conventional two-wheeler. The #iStand campaign drives home people’s right to stand for a claim of clean air and healthy environment for future generations, a vision which Okinawa aims to realise.”

Okinawa, the Gurugram based EV company currently has two e-scooters in its portfolio, the Ridge and the recently launched Praise. Read more about the Praise here.

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