This is how the Nanoli Speedway will look like after completion
This is how the Nanoli Speedway will look like after completion|Nanoli Speedway

Nanoli Speedway set to be India’s newest racetrack

New FIA approved racetrack just an hour away from our home base in Pune is set to be a hub of motorsports on a national level

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Track junkies and motorsport enthusiasts in and around Pune and Mumbai are in for a treat. Nanoli Speedway is set to be India’s newest racetrack that’s coming up on the outskirts of Mumbai-Pune expressway. It is FIA approved and is designed by UK based Driven International and former F1 racer Karun Chandok. Driven International is a globally renowned firm with expertise in track design and architecture of sports, leisure and driving venues.

The track will be 2.928km long, sporting as many as 12 corners. For perspective, MMRT and Kari Motor Speedway are 3.7km and 2.1km in length, respectively. According to data based on a Jaguar F-Type simulation, the average speed achieved was 123kmph along with a top speed of 222kmph. The longest straight is 801m long while the track will have asphalt and grass run-off areas. Moreover, the track can be split into three configurations — first is the 2.928km full length circuit, second is the 2.788km Speed Circuit while the third configuration is of split type comprising West and East Circuits where two racing events can be held simultaneously.

That said, there will also be a ‘4X4 and Off-road centre’ with a comprehensive range of terrains and man made obstacles. It will feature axle bumps, rock runs, twisting roads, gravel hills, ditches and different types of dirt trails. Additionally there will be a multi-purpose facility with garages that serve track users as well as a multi-use space on the first floor for a restaurant, hospitality area and a ‘Members Club Lounge’. The garages themselves will be six to seven metres wide along with a five metre door width. That said, there will be a stewards room, media room with a capacity to accommodate 200 people and a VIP lounge room apart from the administrative offices.

Currently, India has three major racetracks, the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida, Madras Motor Race Track in Chennai and Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore. The Nanoli Speedway will be fourth in this line and it is indeed a big boost to racing and motorsport activities in India. Moreover, track venues in the country are undergoing a transformation with both the MMRT and Kari Motor Speedway currently being upgraded. Let’s hope that the construction and development of the Nanoli Speedway runs on schedule so that we can blast through the racetrack in some of our favourite cars!

Lengths of major racetracks in India:

BIC: 5.1km

MMRT: 3.7km

Nanoli Speedway: 2.9km

Kari Motor Speedway: 2.1km

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