Matter Motorbike's design looks striking
Matter Motorbike's design looks strikingMatter

Matter unveils India’s first geared electric bike

Matter unveils an electric bike with a segment first liquid-cooled battery pack and motor

Matter launched its electric bike in India equipped with a 5kWh liquid-cooled battery and a 14bhp liquid-cooled electric motor producing an incredible 520Nm. Moreover, it is also the first electric bike in the country to get a four-speed gearbox. The design of the bike looks striking and once it hits the roads, it should stand out in a crowd.

The headlamp design makes the bike stand out from the crowd
The headlamp design makes the bike stand out from the crowdMatter

Matter Motorbike Design

The Matter motorbike is an electric street naked-style motorcycle. The bike looks stylish with its sharp creases and curves all along the body line. The bike was unveiled in four colour options — black, blue, red and neon. The turn indicators are placed on the front end of the tank and help the motorcycle stand out from the crowd. The 3-dimensional design of the headlamp housing also looks distinct. Moreover, the bike also gets 5-litre of storage space where the fuel tank would be in an ICE bike.

Matter motorbike gets liquid-cooled battery
Matter motorbike gets liquid-cooled batteryMatter

Matter Motorbike Battery

The bike is powered by a 5kWh liquid-cooled battery pack which is developed in India. Matter claims a range of 125 to 150km and is compatible with a fast charger as well as a standard 1kW slow charger. The slow charger is a standard 5A plug which makes the charging of the vehicle possible anywhere. The standard charger takes less than five hours to charge and has overcharge protection. The battery also adheres to safety standards such as AIS 041 and IP65 water resistance.

The motor produces an incredible 520Nm
The motor produces an incredible 520NmMatter

Matter Motobike Chassis and Performance

The Matter bike is powered by a 14bhp electric motor and is paired to a four-speed sequential gearbox which is a first for an electric bike in India. It produces an incredible 520Nm. It also gets a liquid cooling technology which Matter claims will cool down the motor more effectively. It is also equipped with front and rear disc brakes with ABS and a dual cradle frame to improve the handling dynamics of the bike.

The bike gets a 7-inch touchscreen display.
The bike gets a 7-inch touchscreen display.Matter

Matter Motorbike Tech

The bike gets a 7-inch touchscreen display which is powered by Android and gets 4G connectivity. It displays crucial information like riding modes, navigation, media controls and incoming calls. Moreover, it also has a connected mobile application which enables one to control remote lock/unlock, geofencing, live location tracking and vehicle health monitoring. It also gets a proximity-based key fob which enables keyless entry.

Matter Energy has not given away any details regarding the launch or pricing of the bike, but we can expect more news in the coming months.

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