Indian Motorcycle launch the Roadmaster Elite at Rs 48 lakh

Indian Motorcycle launch the Roadmaster Elite at Rs 48 lakh

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Indian Motorcycle has launched the new Roadmaster Elite in India at Rs 48 lakh (ex-showroom). This variant manages to distinguish itself from the regular Roadmaster with some very special detailing. And the pricing makes it one of the most expensive motorcycles in the country.

The Roadmaster Elite adds an exclusive touch to the super-comfortable motorcycle with a custom paintjob. The manufacturer says the dual-tone black and cobalt blue colour scheme is hand painted and takes up to 30 hours to complete. The stand-out design cue, however, is the 23-karat gold leaf badging on the tank and lowers.

The list of equipment includes heated seat and grips, electrically adjustable windscreen, cruise control, navigation and remote locking saddle bags, top box, and LED lights. Behind the fairing is a 7-inch touchscreen, infotainment system and an in-built audio system, with speakers in the fairing, trunk and saddlebags. All of these come as standard.

The motorcycle is powered by the same Thunderstroke 111 engine which powers the standard Roadmaster. It displaces 1,811cc and produces 150Nm at 2,900rpm. Suspension too is identical. Speed is shed by two 300mm discs at the front and a single, 300mm disc at the rear. ABS comes as standard.

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