Sonia Jain earns a place in 2017 Limca Book of Records to ride the most Motorcycles in India

Sonia Jain earns a place in 2017 Limca Book of Records to ride the most Motorcycles in India


Sonia Jain becomes the only woman to ride 100 different models of motorcycles in the last few years and has registered her name in Limca Book of Records and India Book of Records (IBR) for the year 2017. Sonia did the stint on August 16, 2016 which included two-wheelers right from 60 cc, 63kg Sunny to 1811 cc, 360kg Indian Roadmaster.

Now one of the top women bikers in India, Sonia started riding right after she completed her education. She is now an active competitive motorcyclist and a rally racer as well. She participated and won the 2009 India Bike Rally as well, where she won a bike. She has been riding various motorcycles since then, including riding the 1811cc Indian Chief Vintage from Delhi to Pune and covering 1900kms across 6 cities in Rajasthan on an 800cc Triumph Tiger.

On her latest stint of registering her name in the records, Sonia Jain said, “This is indeed a very big deal for me and I am thankful to all the opportunities that I have received. When you are passionate and believe in something so strongly, it works as your strength and pulls you up to make you a stronger and better person. That’s exactly how I feel about my sport. My passion keeps me happy, healthy and focused. I have been in this profession for eight years and I look forward to learn something new every day. I still have a long way to go and many new roads to tread.”

Some of her notable feats were also when she was a part of MTV ‘Chase the Monsoon’ Season 4 which involved her riding 3000km from Shimla to Ooty as part of the show. While other motorcycles she has ridden include cruisers like the Harley Davidson Roadking, high end streetfighters like the Ducati Monster, superbikes like the Hayabusa as well.

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