Harley Davidson to launch Street Rod 750 in India

Harley Davidson to launch Street Rod 750 in India

When Harley Davidson launched the Street 750 in India in 2014, it left the HOGs divided in their opinion. While at its core it still had a throbbing V-twin, the plasticity of parts and the overall affordability of the Harley brand left the die-hard enthusiasts shunning the prospect of it. But one could not deny the fact that the new Harley Revolution X series engines were a delight to operate.

Now three years down the line, Harley brings another addition to the Street series – the Street Rod 750. The Street Rod 750 makes use of majority of the parts from the Street 750, but the styling has been done to make it sleeker and edgier, giving the new bike a sharper look.

The chassis has been sharpened up at the front, the steering head angle changed to 27°, five lesser than the Street 750. That has reduced the wheelbase to 2130mm, 85mm shorter that earlier. The saddle height too now has been increased to 765mm, a 45mm bump up; with the extra ground clearance on the Street Rod 750 which is now at 205mm compared to the 145mm on the Street 750. All of these changes will make for a more nimbler, agile and sharper handling machine.

The conventional forks are done with and in place of them come inverted 43mm forks. The rear setup seems to be unchanged, however we will confirm if any changes have been done once further details come through. Even the rims have been changed, with a now more split alloy design that complements the sportier look of the bike. The rear wheel size has been increased from 15-inch to 17-inch, with a wider section of tyre at the rear.

The engine too has been reworked as the new 749cc High Output Revolution-X V-twin engine now produces 62Nm of torque, 3Nm more than what the standard engine produces. This is done with an increase in the compression ratio to 12.0:1. The six-speed transmission is untouched, but the increase in torque should improve its low-end quite significantly.

The bike has gone on sale in USA for a premium of Rs. 75,000 over the standard Street 750. While we don’t exactly know the specs for the Street Rod 750’s Indian version, it would be a safe bet to assume the difference between the two to be around a lakh. The media ride is slated for the third week of April and that’s where we will be able to divulge further information of the same.

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