Aprilia RS 660 spy shot
Aprilia RS 660 spy shotAprilia RS 660

GOTCHA! Spy shot of the Aprilia RS 660 on the road

Spy shots have emerged which show the Aprilia RS 660 out testing in nearly finished form.

The eagerly anticipated Aprilia RS 660 looks as though it’s getting close to going into production, as confirmed by a test bike caught on camera while testing.

The spy shot doesn’t give away a huge amount of new information, but that’s mostly because Aprilia’s been fairly open about its middleweight sportbike. But one thing that we didn’t know was that the bike will be capable of carrying a pillion. The bike pictured has a rear seat and footpegs. Not a surprise, but good to know.

Aprilia RS 660 was showcased at EICMA 2019
Aprilia RS 660 was showcased at EICMA 2019Aprilia RS 660

Looking closely, there are a couple of other subtle differences between the prototype caught testing and the bike displayed at the big bike shows. There’s a slightly modified rear light, a different rear shock and a different exhaust.

Aprilia RS 660 spy shot
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It looks as though the Aprilia’s about ready to go. That means we’re likely to see the finished production version at the big bike shows towards the end of the year; if they go ahead, that is. Either way, chances are it’ll be on sale next year.

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