Fego Innovations launches Float air suspension seats

Fego Innovations launches Float air suspension seats

Fego Innovations has come up with innovative Float air suspension seats to reduce jerks and enhances a relaxed ride experience. The seats could be retro fitted on any car bike and car. The air cells inside the seats act as impact absorbers along with providing cushioned ride experience. Float air suspension seats provide the rider/driver with 46 percent jerk reduction over the standard seats as claimed by the company. The seats are made of leather and gets rain cover, seat handles and mesh seat cover.

Fego Innovations is a start-up company co-founded by Viswanadh, Santhosh and Madhav, all three of them have graduated from NIT, Surat. They have been developing the product since 2014. Fego Innovations has won which includes TiE Asia top 5 start ups, Most Promising Innovation Award by India Innovation Initiative and CII top ten start-ups of the year award. The seats are priced for Rs 1299 and Rs 1599 respectively for bikes and cars respectively. The company also provides both the seats for a combo offer of Rs 2799 which is slightly more affordable compared to buying both of them separately.

The product is crowd funded online and available at www.fueladream.com, which is a platform to buy and sell the innovative products.

Here is the price chart of the product:

Category Rewards MRP Pre price order Discount Quantity
Motorcycle Super early bird Rs 2199 Rs 1299 40 % 250
Early bird Rs 2199 Rs 1399 36 % 1000
Car Super early bird Rs 2499 Rs 1599 36 % 250
Early bird Rs 2499 Rs 1699 32 % 1000
Motorcycle +car Super early bird combo Rs 4798 Rs 2799 41% 500
Early bird combo Rs 4798 Rs 2899 40% 500
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