Fast Bikes India June 2018 issue – on stands now!

Fast Bikes India June 2018 issue – on stands now!

We have been to the Buddh International Circuit twice this month. Once for the lovely new GSX-S750 middle weight naked from Suzuki and then, at the other end of the spectrum, for the Hero Xtreme 200R premium commuter. Meanwhile our colleagues in the UK have been riding up and down on the now retro Honda CB1000R and unravelling the mysteries of exhaust pipes. We have also sampled Kawasaki’s smallest adv bike and the new and updated CBR650F. Interestingly, we’ve also taken a bunch of wholly unsuitable bikes touring. All this, and more in the June issue, out on stands now!

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The contents – 

SUZUKI GSX-S750: Suzuki calls it Apex Predator. Therefore only a ride around the BIC will do.

HONDA CB1000R: Has Honda’s litre-class street naked finally bowed to the retro bike craze?

KAWASAKI VERSYS-X 300: Japan’s parallel twin powered adventure bike is great for everything. Everything, other than your pocket.

HONDA CBR650F: Does a bunch of updates make for a better bike?

PED’LLING: Starting off a brand new section on bicycles with the Trek Top Fuel 9.8.

UNLIKELY TOURERS: Some say they can. Some say they can’t. We find out if you can really go touring on the 390 Duke, the Apache RR 310 and the FZ 25.

VULCAN S vs STREET 750: The Japanese take on the Americans at the cruiser game.

HERO XTREME 200R: Don’t get deceived by the name. This is Hero’s new premium commuter.

HONDA X BLADE: Honda manages to find a gap between the Unicorn and the Hornet and squeezes this in.

BRAKE LIKE A CHAMP: How exactly does a British Superbike Champion haul on the stoppers?

TVS RACING DIARIES: The country’s oldest racing outfit goes about selecting the riders for the TVS One Make Ladies Series.

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