Evolet electric scooters launched by Rissala Electric Motors
Evolet scooters

Evolet electric scooters launched by Rissala Electric Motors

Polo, Pony and Derby are the three new electric scooters launched under the Evolet brand; India’s first all-electric ATV too has been launched


Evolet electric scooters launched by Rissala Electric Motors

Haryana based start-up Evolet today launched as many as three electric scooters. They also launched an electric ATV, which is the first ever electric ATV in India. The e-scooters – Polo, Pony and Derby come at a sticker of Rs 39,499, Rs 40,000 and Rs 47,000, respectively. The ATV, christened Warrior, is launched at Rs 1.4 lakh. The EVs will be manufactured in Bilaspur, Haryana, where Rissala has set up a 1,00,000 square feet manufacturing facility.

Three electric scooters from Evolet

The Polo and Pony electric scooters get contemporary Italian styling with large rounded headlamps along with chrome detailing while the Derby gets a slightly sporty design with a sharp looking front end, LED DRLs and black headlight bezels. All three get 750mm seat height along with 160mm of ground clearance. At 102kg, the Derby EZ is the heaviest of the lot while the Pony EZ and Polo Classic tip scales at 95kg and 82kg, respectively. In terms of braking, all three EVs get E-ABS as standard.

Two battery options

The e-scooters get a range of 60km on a single charge. They also get the same top-speed of 25kmph. Buyers will get an option of either a 48V lithium-ion battery or a 48V VRLA (lead acid) battery for their e-scooters. The former being dearer in terms of price due to the better reliability, longevity and durability of lithium ion batteries in comparison to lead acid batteries. Both type of batteries can be charged in four hours and have 2500-3000 charge cycles. Top variants also get IOT-enabled connectivity via the Evolet smartphone app which provides information like battery health, battery status, GPS and security tracking.

India’s first electric ATV

The fourth product launched by Rissala Electric is the Warrior, the first all-electric ATV in India. The Warrior with its waterproof BLDC motor provides an output of 3000 Watt allowing a maximum forward speed of 60kmph and reverse speed of 20kmph. Range is however quite average at 50km in a single charge. The Warrior ATV is available with 72 V/ 40 Ah lithium-ion battery only.

The Evolet scooters will stack up against the Avan Motors Trend E and the Okinawa electric scooters, both of which offer a higher top speed while the Okinawa also gets longer range. However, an Evolet engineer mentioned that extended range variants along with better top-speeds will arrive in the coming months. The company will also launch two motorcycles, the Hawk and the Falcon and a maxi-scooter called Raptor in the future.

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Evolet electric scooters launched by Rissala Electric Motors

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