EICMA 2019: Royal Enfield shows off tasty custom builds
EICMA 2019

EICMA 2019: Royal Enfield shows off tasty custom builds

There were six customs on display along with new colours for the Himalyan

Karan Singh

Royal Enfield showcased multiple custom bikes at EICMA this year - Twin Flat Track, Nought T GT, Two Smoking Barrels and MJR Roach. There were also new colours launched for the Himalyan. However, no new bikes were launched even though we expected the new BS6 compliant line-up at EICMA.

The Customs

Twins Flat Track:
This is the result of a custom build in collaboration with Harris Performance. It gets a custom frame designed for flat track racing. The frame itself is made using a brazed steel tube. Other details include - custom chassis parts made by Harris Performance, S&S silencer and a big bore kit. The body work is all carbonfibre, made in Royal Enfield’s technical center in the UK with inputs from flat track racers.

EICMA 2019: Royal Enfield shows off tasty custom builds

Nought Tea twins: Showcased at the Bike Shed Festival, these are factory built customs made in collaboration with Harris Performance. The Nought Tea v1.0 explores the benefits of adding fairing to the GT 650. The v2.0 is a track focused version of the v1.0, this bumps up power with a tuned engine and tweaked suspension to aid on track performance. It resulted in a 26 percent power gain over the stock bike. We covered the twins when they were launched last month at the Bike Shed Festival.

EICMA 2019: Royal Enfield shows off tasty custom builds

Two Smoking Barrel: Built in collaboration with Sinroja motorcycles,  it is basically a GT 650 with the knobs turned up to 11. The bike itself has been stripped down to almost nothing keeping the weight to a minimum while the liquid NOS system plus the S&S 750cc big bore kit provide extra firepower, a lot of it. It won the Wheels and Waves Punks Peak race and bagged third place overall during the Sultans of Sprint season.

MJR Roach: An apocalypse ready Himalyan, it gets an extended single sided swingarm, knobby tires to keep you going through the rough post-apocalyptic terrain and it gets a Garrett TurboCharger to launch you towards the horizon, away from the zombies.

Gallinella: Showcased at Wheels and Waves earlier this year, the Gallinella gets "bathtub" style fairing, on top of an Interceptor 650 Twin, with a modern touch to it. The rear fairing is hand-beaten aluminium and it also gets wider handlebars to complete the package.

Royal Enfield also showcased three new colours for the Himalyan  — Rock Red, Lake Blue and Gravel Grey. The rest of their model range was on display too including the recently launched Bullet Trials and the much-revered Twins.

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