EICMA 2019: Kymco reveals the RevoNEX electric motorcycle      
EICMA 2019

EICMA 2019: Kymco reveals the RevoNEX electric motorcycle     

The brand claims this naked electric streetbike can reach a top speed of 205kmph, that too in just 11.8 seconds!   

Sudipto Chaudhury

Kymco has revealed its much-anticipated electric motorcycle, the RevoNEX at the EICMA 2019. The RevoNEX is based on the SuperNEX concept which the brand had displayed at last year’s EICMA. Kymco say the RevoNEX will be ready for production by 2021.

The USP of the RevoNEX is that it incorporates a six-speed transmission, which is a novelty for today’s electric motorcycles. Kymco has positioned the RevoNEX chiefly as a convinient urban commuter, adding that the second gear on the RevoNEX can take it all the way to 115kmph.

At the moment, Kymco hasn’t revealed much about the power output, capacity, or total charging time. What the brand has claimed, however, is that the RevoNEX is capable of reach 100 kmph from standstill in a scant 3.9 seconds. To give a perspective on how fast that is, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R, a 636cc four-cylinder sportsbike that makes 128bhp, can do the 0-100kmph sprint in about 3 seconds. Additionally, Kymco claims the RevoNEX has a top speed of 205 kmph, which it achieves in just 11.8 seconds.

Kymco says the RevoNEX will include a package of electronic aids called Full Engagement Performance (FEP), which includes Launch Control, Traction Control and Stability Control. It will also include four rider modes: Balanced (lowest setting), Assertive, Bold and Extreme (highest setting). Additionally, the display model had Brembo Monobloc callipers and an Öhlins front fork, however, again, we are not sure whether the final production model will get them.

As with all electric motorcycles, the RevoNEX will come with speakers that will mimic the sound of an engine. However, this will have an advantage for the rider, as it will give the rider an idea of when to shift gears. Kymco maintain that the RevoNEX is under constant evolution and improvement, and have said that the final production model will only be unveiled in 2021.

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