DU 2017-09-27 MULTISTRADA 1504
DU 2017-09-27 MULTISTRADA 1504

Ducati Multistrada 1260 – Pikes Peak Edition bookings open

Ducati India has launched the Multistrada 1260 – Pikes Peak Edition at Rs 21.42 lakh and will have a limited production run. The Pikes Peak edition draws inspiration for its design and character from the eponymous Hill Climb race, enhancing all the sports capabilities of the original Multistrada bike and making some specific characteristics stand out.

The Bike

The Pikes Peak edition of the bike uses the original 1260 as its framework, while modifying certain key components and design elements, increasing the similarities to a racing bike.  It runs on a 1262cc Ducati Testastretta DVT engine that churns out 156bhp and 129.5Nm of torque, 85 per cent of which is available below 3,500 rpm. It’s equipped with lighter aluminum wheels to provide a smoother and more comfortable. The chassis dimensions have been altered to include a new front end geometry, and longer swingarm. It includes a specially designed red-stitched seat and a sportier colour scheme (as compared to the other models) to truly emphasise that this is a bike for racing.

The body of the 1260 includes many important components, such as the Ducati Performance silencer (by Termignoni) and the low racing-type screen, both formed entirely of carbon fibre. The front mudguard, front side panels, and hands-free cover, are also all made up of carbon fibre. Additionally, the Öhlins fork and Öhlins TTX36 shock are also used, and may be adjusted. The silencer and nose fairing are as standard for the other 1260 models, as are the braking, suspension, and exhaust systems.

Standard equipments include a Bluetooth module, which allows the rider to control a paired device via the controls on the bike; a full LED light, cornering ABS and lights: The Bosch IMU, which further increases performance, as well as safety by measuring pitch and roll angles, and  acceleration along all 3 axes; Ducati Wheelie and Traction Control (DWC & DTC), and a TFT dashboard, which displays information relating to the fuel, mileage, speed, and/or Bluetooth devices.The bike, similar to other 1260 models, may be customized through the addition of one or more of Ducati’s Performance Accessory Packages.

The Pikes Peak route is one of the most famed courses in America. The 19.99 km route has more than 150 turns and an escalation of over 10,000 feet. A race on paved asphalt from Pikes Peak Highway, all the way up to the very summit of Pikes Peak.

The announcement came swiftly after Carlin Dunne, bike racing legend, reclaimed his title of “King of the Mountain” while racing for Ducati. Placing first among the bike racers on the Pikes Peak hill climb, with a time of just under 10 minutes (9 minutes 59.102 seconds), his teammate Codie Vahsholtz finished in third, with a time of 10 minutes 12.703 seconds. This was Ducati’s seventh victory on the course in the last 10 years, and Dunne’s 4th win on the course.

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